Will you walk into my parlour?


This is the website of Katie Young, writer of dark fiction and other tasty tidbits.

If you like your wine red, your love stories warped, your forests dark, your wolves big and bad, your dead restless, your myths enduring, your gods capricious, and your endings just a little sad – you’re in good company…


Photo 29-01-2018, 12 03 46 (1)Katie Young is a writer of dark fiction. Her work appears in various anthologies including collections by Scott J. Moses, Dark Dispatch, Nyx Publishing, Ghost Orchid Press, and Fox Spirit Books. Her story, Lavender Tea, was selected by Zoe Gilbert, author of Folk, for inclusion in the Mechanic Institute Review’s Summer Folk Festival 2019. Katie is also a regular contributor to literary salons and storytelling events around London, where she lives with her partner, an angry cat, and too many books.