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3rd November 2022: Obsolescence Anthology TOC Announced! 

I am beyond thrilled to reveal that my story “The Harbinger” will be included in a new anthology to be released in May ’23. Obsolescence features an incredible line up, and I still can’t quite believe I get to share a TOC with some of the very best horror writers working today.


27th October 2022: Unspeakable Re-release

The wonderful people at Haunt Publishing have re-released queer Gothic anthology, Unspeakable, featuring my story “Quicksilver Prometheus”! Not only that, but there is a sequel! Unthinkable and Unspeakable are both out now and feature beautiful new cover designs by Ashley Hankins!


2nd October 2022: Daughter of Sarpedon Release

I’m thrilled to have a Medusa-inspired story, “Sea Change” in this fab anthology from Brigids Gate Press featuring musings on the misunderstood gorgon! Daughter of Sarpedon is available to buy in e-formats and paperback now!


3rd April 2022: Release Date for Let the Weirdness In: A Tribute to Kate Bush

Really excited for the imminent release of this Kate Bush inspired anthology which will be out on May 3rd! My story “You Without Me” will be sharing a ToC with some absolutes legends and I can’t wait to read the all the other takes on the weird and wonderful world of Ms. Bush!

Let the weirdness in final print cover 2

14th December 2021: Cemetery Gates Society Anthology

As an early Christmas surprise, I’m thrilled to announce I will once again be sharing a ToC with some incredible horror heroes in an upcoming 2022 collection based on the online phenomenon known as Creepypasta. And you don’t have to wait for the book release, as my short, entitled The Tattoo is available to read as a special preview here on the Cemetery Gates website! Wishing you all a Frightful Festivus!


20th November 2021: Let the Weirdness In: a Tribute to Kate Bush

I’m very excited indeed to be able to say I have a story appearing in this upcoming collection from Heads Dance Press, inspired by the works of the inimitable Kate Bush! Can’t wait for this one to be out in the wild.


7th November 2021: The Dead Inside

Hot on the heels of the publication of What One Wouldn’t Do, a brilliant horror collection from Scott J. Moses featuring my possession story, Conversion, I am thrilled to say my poem The Creature and the Moon will be included in The Dead Inside, and upcoming horror anthology edited by Laurel Hightower and Sandra Ruttan.


31st August 2019: Lavender Tea

The heady days of summer may be drawing to a close, but before we delve into pumpkin-spiced everything, let’s take a moment to reflect on the magic of the solstice. Last month, I was delighted and honoured to be chosen as part of the Mechanic Institute Review’s Summer Folk Festival by the amazing Zoe Gilbert, Author of Folk. The live event was a wonderful night of storytelling and music, and you can read my witchy, midsummer contribution, illustrated by the lovely and talented Lou Reade here.


31st March 2018: New Novel and The Darker Side of Fiction 2018

It’s been a while, but I’m thrilled to say that after four long years, I finally typed ‘THE END’ on Draft One of The Lightning Flowers last weekend. This strange fever dream of a book is currently out with some beta readers for feedback, which is terrifying and exciting as this story has been trapped in my head since its inception, and I have no idea what people will make of it! I’m half dreading, half itching to start querying again, to see if we can find a home for my circus twins.


And I’m also delighted to announce that I will be attending The Darker Side of Fiction 2018 signing event in Peterborough on Saturday 6th October, so do come along and say hello!


10th October 2016: The Darker Side of Fiction 2017 – Tickets Now On Sale

I’m happy to say tickets for next year’s book signing event are now available here! Join me and 49 other authors for a day and night of dark delights…


21st June 2016: The Darker Side of Fiction Book Signing


I’m very pleased to announce I will be joining the line up of authors signing at the Darker Side of Fiction signing event. Further details can be found on the Hourglass Events website.

11th April 2015: Fairly Wicked Tales Reissue

Ragnarok Publications are reissuing this anthology of twisted little stories on 20th April with some kick-ass new cover art. I think it looks awesome, and I think the main character in my contribution to this collection, RED, would approve!

fwt new

Red Riding Hood as you’ve never seen her before…

9th December 2014: Chronology Available for Pre-Order NOW

The new anthology of speculative fiction (including a story by me, and one by sci-fi legend, Piers Anthony) is now available to pre-order. Click the image below to get your copy!


2nd October 2014: New Art for a New Story.

Check out this amazing image by the awesome Ricky Gunawan to illustrate my story, Strange Flesh, which will be printed in a new anthology from Curiosity Quills Press in late November.


I can’t wait for this collection!

11th September 2014: Tweetchat – Female Authors Writing Male POV

I will be joining forces with three other awesome authors, Heather Marie, Vicki Leigh, and Elsie Elmore, to discuss why we write young male protagonists with Curiosity Quills’ Nikki Tetreault. Join in the fun on 21st September 12pm PST/8pm GMT with the hashtag #SheSaidHeSaid

Featuring (2)

5th September 2014: Book Launch and Signing

The lovely peeps at Big Green Bookshop have invited me to host a little soiree and sign some books at their place on  Tuesday 30th September from 6.30pm. Details of the event can be found here. There will be wine!


28th August 2014: The Other Lamb is out in the world

Well, it’s been a long journey, but I’m thrilled to announce that The Other Lamb is now available from Curiosity Quills at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo!

There is also a Goodreads give away running until 25th September, so you can enter that here.

I really can’t wait for people to read it and let me know what they think. For now I will sip some Prosecco and bask in the awesome feeling of being a published novelist 😀


 Photo by Colin Bell

17th July 2014: The Other Lamb cover reveal

Hi everyone! The day is finally here when I can share with you the stunning new cover for The Other Lamb by the incredibly talented Polina Sapershteyn:


I’m sure you’ll agree that Polina did an incredible job!

The book will be available from Curiosity Quills on 28th August, but in the meantime, why not add it to your Goodreads shelf?

14th June 2014: The Cult Den, The Other Lamb and new anthologies

We’re approaching the Summer Solstice, and we’re just  ten weeks away from the release of The Other Lamb. I have a spanking new cover which I will be sharing here in just over a month from now, and IT. IS. AMAZING!!! My publisher and my artist have really outdone themselves with this one. My official release date is 28th August, and there will be various activities happening around that, so stay tuned.

There are also a couple of anthologies coming soon which feature some never seen before shorts. More details to follow.

And finally, I’m thrilled to announce the lovely people at The Cult Den have welcomed me on board as a TV reviewer. I’m thrilled and excited to be part of the team. You can read my first effort – a mid season review of Penny Dreadful – here.


Until next time – have a wonderful Summer!

6th January 2014: A new home for The Other Lamb and some quick reads

Happy New Year, dearest darlings. I love this time of year. After a week or two of quiet reflection, loved ones, and lots of wine, it’s like making the first ink strokes on a fresh white page.

Some very happy news to kick off 2014. I am thrilled to announce that The Other Lamb has been picked up by the wonderful people at Curiosity Quills Press. We’re looking at a Fall release, but stayed tuned for more updates, and please check out their fabulous website to see why I am beyond excited to be working with them.


I also have a couple more quick reads available from Ether Books. Mary is a gruesome circus tale with a twist, based on a true story. Filial finds a professional mourner in China pondering whether it’s possible to be haunted by someone who never had a chance to live. Both stories are free to download, so please check them out.

31st December 2013

The brilliant anthology, Noir Carnival from Fox Spirit Books, which includes my story, Mooncalf, has been named in a ‘best reads of 2013’ list from The Cult Den, alongside titles from the likes of Alan Moore!

13th November 2013: The Other Lamb update

I am sorry to announce that my debut novel, The Other Lamb, will no longer be published by Musa this year.

After extensive discussions with a new editor, it was decided that the book wasn’t a good fit for the imprint in its current incarnation, and the changes required to make it so were, I felt, beyond the scope of my vision. Therefore I have been released from my contract, and I am seeking a new publisher at this time.

I would like to thank the team at Musa for the time and effort they put into the novel, for their support and advice over the last year, and wish them continued success.

For those of you who were awaiting the book with bated breath (Mum), I can only assure you I will do my best to find the story a new home in the near future.

13th November 2013: Song Story Press: Dark Side of the Moon

A new anthology from Song Story Press, Dark Side of the Moon, features my warped little story, Big Day. Grab your copy here!

dark side

22nd September 2013: Novel update, cookies and rabbit holes

So, due to unforeseen circumstances, the publication of The Other Lamb has been postponed slightly. It’s now slated for 8th November. Luckily, I’ve recently learnt that the greatest pleasure can be derived from deferred gratification, thanks to this pair:

In the mean time, I’ve been keeping myself entertained with other projects, like this short story, Mary, as featured in White Rabbit’s free podcast, Midnight Feast: AnimalsSo if you fancy a bedtime story, pour yourself a mug of cocoa or Horlicks…or gin…and snuggle up for a wonderful half hour of beastly tales with Gareth and Bernadette.

15th July 2013: The Other Lamb Cover Reveal

A very exciting day today, because I can finally reveal the fantastic cover art for my debut paranormal novel, The Other Lamb, which will be released on the 27th September by the Erato imprint of Musa Publishing:

theotherlamb-510 (2)

I’m sure you’ll agree that Kelly Shorten has done a wonderful job on the artwork, and I can’t wait for you all to read about my beloved Watchers.

13th July 2013: Roll up! ROLL UP! Noir Carnival Release

Hey everyone! Noir Carnival is released today by Fox Spirit books! It’s a celebration of the fantastical and the grotesque, featuring a fine selection of tales including my own, Mooncalf. It also has awesome cover art by S.L. Johnson. Are you brave enough to lift up the tent flap and take a peek? Get the paperback or Kindle edition here!


1st July 2013: Cowboys & Werewolves – Yee-haw-ooooooooooowl

My twisted tale of cowboys and loup-garous, The One You Feed, is featured in the new Static Movement anthology, Wolf Craft.

wolf craft

Pick up your copy from Amazon or Createspace!

24th May 2013: New anthology cover reveal

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that my story, Mooncalf, will be included in the new anthology from Fox Spirit books, Noir Carnival. This collection of dark tales,  edited by K. A. Laity, explores the theme of carnival, be it of the side-show variety, or the traditional pre-Lenten festival. Here is the wicked cover by S.L Johnson:


Stay tuned for more details and the release date!

17th May 2013: New stories out soon

I am pleased to announce that Red, my dark take on the classic Red Riding Hood story, will be included in the upcoming anthology from Angelic Knight Press, Fairly Wicked Tales.


Credit: Art by PhazeOn at Deviantart

Speaking of big, bad wolves, I am eagerly awaiting the publication of Wolf Craft, a new anthology from Static Movement which will feature my short story, The One You Feed. It combines wolves and cowboys. What more could anyone want?! No, seriously, I want you to tell me! 😉 More details to follow very soon.

There is one more anthology in the offing, and this time my story focuses on an all too human monster. I signed the contract this week, so more about that coming shortly!

Happy reading everyone!

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