Monthly Archives: March 2011

Bigger Than The Beatles…sort of!

I had to post this as it’s not every day you can say you outsold Macca!

Top 10 Bestselling Ether Books Byte Sized Reads last month:
1. A Rocky Road by Rebecca Emin
2. Nessy & Me by Samia Rida
3. Pixie by Katherine Holt
4. She by Louisa Bello
5. Left versus Right by Kay Beer
6. Atelic by Katie Young
7. The End Of Love For Me by Louisa Bello
8. Meat Free Monday by Sir Paul McCartney
9. Race Of Spears – The Art Of Rowing by Josh Raymond
10. The Tenant by Shaun Hutson

Dear The Queen,

I shall be expecting my invite to the palace forthwith!