Lupine Jams


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To celebrate the release of Static Movement’s anthology, Wolf Craft, featuring a tale of cowboys and loup-garous by yours truly, I have put together a playlist of my favourite songs about werewolves, lycanthropes and all things lupine. Let me know some of yours in the comments!

Now pour yourself a glass of something, find a comfy spot with a view of the rising moon, sit back and enjoy!

Werewolf Heart by Dead Man’s Bones

Werewolf by Cat Power

Wolves by Phosphorescent

In the Company of Wolves by Incubus

Howl by Florence and the Machine

The Wolf by Fever Ray

Wolf by First Aid Kit

You’re a Wolf by Seawolf

Bad Moon Rising by Sixteen Horsepower

Wolf Song by Patrick Wolf

Loup pleine lune


One response to “Lupine Jams

  1. I love, love, love Lera Lynn’s cover of Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio.


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