The Other Lamb Book Launch Parties…

It turns out the coolest thing about writing a book is that when it finally comes out, you get to have a party. Or two if you’re super greedy like me!

My first party was a rather lovely affair at Aces & Eights, a gorgeous little dive bar in North London. There was a playlist, and bleeding heart cupcakes, and pizza, and whiskey. So much whiskey. It was amazing to have all my friends and family there to celebrate, and I even managed to sell out of books!


Any excuse to use a sparkly pen!

The second soiree was a slightly more sober sedate affair, this time at the wonderful Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green. We even managed to take some pictures of my culinary efforts this time…


Srs literary discussion is srs!


On second thought, maybe not that srs…


Bleeding heart cupcakes. Mmm!


And a chocolate cake with anatomically correct chocolate hearts, and ‘blood’ on snow frosting. Delightful.


Swag! Bookmarks, buttons, and guitar picks.

photo 2

In illustrious company.


Sparkly pen gets a second outing.


A bevy of book-loving beauties (and me)!

And look at all these beauties with their copies – what a lucky gal I am to know so many lovely ladies:





And here is one of the coy author herself 😉


A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who turned up to support me and made me feel very special indeed. I can’t wait to finish my next project and have more launch parties!



One response to “The Other Lamb Book Launch Parties…

  1. It was a lovely evening, and we are very proud of you! Love you. Mum xxx


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