TV Review – Teen Wolf: Season Four ‘Time of Death’

TV reviewer Katie Young makes good use of this week’s supermoon to recap Teen Wolf’s latest episode ‘Time of Death’…


Questionable parenting techniques abound as the residents of Beacon Hills ponder heredity and what it means to take a life this week, which makes for some pretty interesting dynamics. But this episode is also concerned with compartmentalising, fragmentation and dreams as we find ourselves taking a peek inside the unconscious minds of several characters.

First up is Stiles, tossing and turning in bed (well, he is a teenage boy), and we know he must be dreaming because Malia is back by his side. Stiles finds he can only get comfy when he’s being Malia’s little spoon. Seriously, there is not enough ‘aww’ in the world. This scene exists purely to remind us all that Dylan O’Brien is cute as a button. Oh, and that Stiles is missing his coyote squeeze, who left in the wake of last week’s revelation that she is Peter Hale’s biological daughter. It’s also reassuring to see Stiles having a typical teenage wish-fulfilment dream after the trauma his Nogitsune-filled noggin suffered last season.

Over at the Sheriff’s office, Scott overhears Agent McCall recording his report of shooting Rusty Venture to save Stiles. Scott asks him how he deals with the fact he’s killed people, and Papa McCall admits he used to cope by drinking. He also needs to go away on business, and is disappointed that he has to miss Scott’s upcoming lacrosse game. The people of Beacon Hills bloody love lacrosse, probably because it usually involves attempted assassinations and gruesome injuries. Scott and his dad hug it out, but Papa McCall has noticed how weirdly unfazed Scott and his pals are by all the bizarre goings on in town – almost like they are hiding something – and warns his son that he wants to talk things over when he gets back. The FBI’s finest, ladies and gents.

We cut to the ER at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, and Liam’s stepfather calling a patient’s time of death. That patient turns out to be none other than Scott! This is the second time Scott has ‘died’ as part of a cunning plan. I feel bad for his poor little body, healing powers or not. He’s basically lupine Jack Bauer.The next day Scott, Stiles, Kira and Liam hatch a plan to net The Benefactor. It involves a shit-tonne of expensive laptops and getting visual confirmation of the death of someone on the dead pool.

Meanwhile, Braeden wakes up in Derek’s loft. The first thing she does is sneak over to his bed and peeks under the covers at his unconscious and smoking hot bod. Derek appears singularly unsurprised about being sleep-molested, but then he does live with Peter Hale, so he’s probably used to being stared at like he’s a prime rib-eye. Braeden maintains she is simply checking his injuries, and realises he’s losing his powers. She then drives the point home by beating him in an arm wrestle, and engages him in a little gun-based foreplay. Derek clearly has deep-seated issues because all this assault and humiliation has him climbing her like a tree in no time. I totally called this one.

Back at the hospital, Melissa McCall is screaming for her ‘dead’ son, and I really hope Scott remembered to tell her about the plan. We flashback to Kira’s mother, Noshiko, instructing Kira on how to stop Scott’s heart with her kitsune electricity. They still haven’t been on a proper date, but the couple that plays dead together, stays together…or something. Melissa meets Stiles, Noshiko, Liam, and Kira in the morgue where Scott is taking a very heavy snooze on the slab. She is in on the plan. Phew. But they only have forty five minutes or Scott dies for real. Stiles teams up with Chris Argent to contact The Benefactor and tell him to come and claim Scott’s body.

Malia breaks into the Hale vault (aka the most unsecure location in the whole wide world) and finds some very conveniently labelled adoption records. She is interrupted by Peter, who has been working on his trapezius muscles by the looks of it, and to demonstrate that he is still The Daddy (literally), he punches a wall in slow motion. Peter tries to elicit some sympathy from his wayward offspring by telling Malia about the fire and being trapped in a coma with his own thoughts for six years. He claims he’s been trying to help Malia by finding her mother to prove he’s not so bad (for a homicidal maniac), but as Talia Hale wiped his memories of his baby mama, he only has an alias for her: The Desert Wolf.In scenes reminiscent of the most effective horror sequences of last season, when Stiles was losing his mind under the influence of the Nogitsune, we get to follow Scott through his nightmarish death experience. He escapes the morgue only to see Liam repeatedly killed by The Mute, but the longer he is under, the more his control deteriorates and his anxieties about his own predatory nature surface, until he is the monster brandishing the axe.

Mrs. Martin follows Lydia to the lake house and recognises Meredith from her picture. She reveals that Lydia’s grandmother left instructions for her ashes to be spread across the lake by Lydia when she turns eighteen. Mrs. Martin decides to wilfully disregard the dead woman’s strict instructions, and suggests Lydia do it now as her birthday just a few weeks away. But when Lydia opens the urn, she finds it contains mountain ash. Presumably her banshee mojo enables her to differentiate between burnt people and burnt trees. Mrs. Martin shows Lydia the last thing Grandma wrote down, and it turns out to be more of the dead pool code and not the ramblings of a crazy woman as they had all assumed. Perhaps the old woman isn’t quite as dead as they think…

Malia returns to Stiles (I wouldn’t be able to stay mad at him either) and confesses that she told her adoptive family she wished they were dead the night she caused their car crash. She wonders if being a killer is hereditary, and whether being Peter’s spawn makes her inherently bad. Scott is revived, and he and Kira discuss the fact that their plan failed. Scott posits that maybe The Benefactor doesn’t need visual confirmation of deaths because he or she is a banshee. Obviously this makes zero sense as up until now each assassin has been asked for visual confirmation as a condition of receiving their payment, but this is Teen Wolf so we won’t dwell.Back at the hospital, Kate Argent arrives with her Berserkers, having learnt of Scott’s demise. Kira and Liam go up onto the roof to fight a berserker, even though nothing good has ever come of going up onto that cursed hospital roof. Chris Argent manages to persuade his sister to call off her attack dogs and let them go through with their plan to trap The Benefactor, pointing out that she too is on the fated list. She agrees, but not before Noshiko is badly injured.

Notable absences this week include Coach, Deaton, Sheriff Stilinski, Deputy Parrish (WHAT ARE YOU?) and Danny. I haven’t forgotten you, Danny. Maybe Danny and Isaac are off on a retreat somewhere, working through their grief together. Yes, this is my headcanon now. Tequila and sad wanks all round.

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