Sad Face Masterclass (Or Why I Love Ben Pt 1)

You know those days when EVERYTHING drives you into an insane rage?

I had one the other day. I was so tired and exasperated by EVERYTHING that I sat at my desk and e-mailed my friend, Ben, bemoaning the fact that I wasn’t skilled enough with punctuation marks to design an emoticon which accurately represented the full extent of EVERYTHING happening to my face – annoyance, disbelief, frustration, ennui, mild hysteria – and that this failure in itself was adding to my mounting pile of impotent fury.

😦 Wasn’t going to cut it.

😥 Pfft! Where’s the ANGER?

D: I hadn’t seen a ghost!

D’: Or a spider.

Ben does not enjoy a constraint. I’d go so far as to say he actively dislikes one, which is why he shunned the frankly limited medium of key-strokes and drew me this instead:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He’s a freestyling fucking genius! This is EXACTLY the right level of hissy! The attention to detail and sheer depth of feeling conveyed is even more remarkable when you consider that it took him about 5 seconds and he was probably in the middle of cutting a brain into 0.008mm slices and sealing them in wax or something. (Should probably mention at this point that he is a scientist – not a serial killer.)

And this is one of the reasons Ben and I are friends.

2 responses to “Sad Face Masterclass (Or Why I Love Ben Pt 1)

  1. It is special gift to have friends like that. I am lucky enough as well to have a few of those. I am so glad Ben was there for you. My friend Eileen and I had a recent conversation that saved each other from going off the deep end. Remember reality is fluid and life is just a series of experiences. Just having someone around to help you express yourself is amazing.


  2. Hi bb! Yes, It generally all rolls off 😉 And I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing people at all times (RL and cyber-wives incl.) 🙂

    You will be pleased to hear Ben and I just helped each other through the emotional turmoil of the season 5 finale! I seriously was a mess! I feel like I've been beaten up!! 😀 I think Kripke owes me a beer! Hope you are having an awesomesauce weekend m'lady xx


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