Me & Jensen

So, the CW network asked fans of Supernatural to ‘tweet’ questions for the stars of the show. And look who posed the first to Ackles!

Tee hee! I am fully aware that this shouldn’t make me as excited as it does.

FYI this is the only one I asked which was suitable for broadcast – I’m amazed I didn’t just get an injunction in the post…

My favourite thing about this is that he has to actually try and dignify such a shit question with a response. He gives the correct answer immediately which is just ‘NO’. And of course he’s never had a supernatural experience because there is no such thing as ghosts or monsters, so he could have left it at that but then (BLESS HIM) he thinks hard and seems genuinely sad that he doesn’t have a story. Oh, Ackles 😦 It’s OK. I’m too busy looking at your mouth to hear anything you say anyhow.

And then he’s all like ‘maybe ghosts stay away from me because they know I have mad skillz when it comes to destroying them’. This is supposing that a) there are such things as ghosts (which there aren’t) and b) ghosts watch Supernatural. It’s all just gotten silly and out of hand!

Jensen, if you are reading this – and frankly why WOULDN’T you be?! – I’m very sorry I wasted 30 seconds of your life with my inane question. I let you down and I let myself down. But I do have many more pertinent things to discuss with you so call me, yeah?

One response to “Me & Jensen

  1. Emma aka Fireball baby!

    This is SO cool! Had me grinning from ear to ear like a loon x
    PS the word verification for posting this comment is 'matish', does that mean 'a little like your bro'?


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