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Rudd-y Brilliant!

Yesterday I was on Twitter (as is my wont) when I noticed that one of the trending topics was simply ‘Rudd’. Subsequent and very cursory research revealed this was of course Kevin Rudd, the ex Aussie PM, due to recent activity surrounding the elections. BUT for a few seconds when I saw that hash tag, before reason prevailed and disappointment set in, my brain was all like ‘Wow! Finally Paul Rudd is getting the love and recognition he deserves as an actor and a gentleman!’

I LOVE Paul Rudd. I’m not sure when I first realised this. I think it was a slow burning thing. It kinda crept up on me over the years. Paul Rudd is more than the sum of his parts. Sure, he was pretty hot as Josh in Clueless even if it took Alicia Silverstone the whole damn movie to notice. Like, DUH Cher! But that wasn’t the defining moment. Maybe it was as Phoebe’s boyfriend in Friends? Nah – I actually pretty much hate Friends so probably not. He’s clearly outstanding as Brian Fantana in Anchorman.”That’s the smell of desire m’lady.” Now we’re getting somewhere. Then there’s this. “Your index finger smells like Rupert Everett.” Yeah. I think we’re pretty much there. But THEN there’s THIS. WOAH! Holy shit! We’ve hit the paydirt. Bromance and cock rock. I didn’t stand a chance! Take me NOW Paul Rudd. And while we’re on his faptastic dancability, how about this: